Plan to delight the users

This week I read a blog from Seth Godin called The minimum viable audience which resonated with me and the goals and audience section inside my Planning Guide. He talks about focussing in on the smallest group that could sustain you in your work.  And if you could pick them who would you choose. If […]

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The Danger Of Scoping After Contract Acceptance

Ideally creating a scope of works for a web project would be done before entering into a design and development contract for the work. For many clients they want a simplified process, choosing a developer and moving forward in the project. Agencies and developers often are happy to get work in this way and take […]

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What comes first, design or content?

It’s a question that comes up a lot. What comes first, the content or the design. Getting this right has a big impact on the success of your project and the planning stage of your website is the best time to address it. I discuss what I think is the correct way to handle this […]

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Resistance to planning

Why do some people like to plan everything while others prefer flying by the seat of their pants? In some industries or circumstances having a plan is critical while in others not necessary at all. Building a house from scratch with out plans is pretty clearly fraught with danger and in most countries not allowed. […]

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Why are website goals so important?

Have you every wondered why some websites are cluttered full of content and buttons? You probably find those same sites difficult to use and requiring extra effort to figure out “their system” so you can complete the task you want to do.​​ And then there are the sites that are easy to use and look […]

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Website Planning Meeting

What are the benefits of building a plan for your website?

If you want to avoid the common mistakes that are made when building a new website then the only way to do that is to create a plan before you do anything else. Successful businesses all have plans on key parts of their operations.  A business plan, marketing plan, operation plans etc. are all expected […]

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