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The main thing this guide should help you with is saving money. That’s what I believe it offers you is a method to save money on your next website.

Yes that’s right save money.


Many websites end up with extra costs or charges during the build. These overruns usually come because of something you hadn’t told your developers which they hadn’t factored into their quote.

If those overruns are 10% of your build cost thats $300 on a $3k build, $1000 on a $10k build etc.

So if you avoid these extra costs that saves you money right at the start of the project!

This book is only $5.99 USD (ebook version) or $15.99 USD (paperback).

That investment to save hundreds or thousands of dollars has to be worth it for you, right?


If you build websites then you know sometimes you end up wearing the extra costs for work that wasn’t specified properly by your client or for something you included without asking enough questions.

What’s your time worth?

If you save 8 hours work @ even only $30/hour you will be $200 ahead. If your hourly rate is $80 then you can see how much you save.

But that saving is only on one job, multiply that on every job from now on and the investment in this book will save you thousands. And if you join the Facebook group you will learn how to charge for that briefing as well.

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