The Complete Website Planning Guide was first published in 2017 and now has the Workbook alongside it to offer a comprehensive method for planning websites and applications in a way that ensures results.

The Complete Website Planning Guide

Looking for a step-by-step guide on how to plan your next web project? Then this book is for you.

This method will help you ensure your projects stay on track and achieve the results you and/or your clients want.

A solid plan lays the correct foundations for everyone to easily deliver a great end product.

The Companion Workbook

Released in November 2019, this companion workbook has been developed to help work through all the steps in the original guide.

As a workbook it digs into great depths in a course like manner to help you complete each of the steps from The Complete Website Planning Guide.

It includes a lot of detailed instructions and exercises in a full color workbook format.

About the Author


Darryl King Author Photo

Darryl King

Darryl King is the founder and CEO of Ireckon a Digital Agency that has been building high-performing websites and applications since the mid-1990s in Brisbane, Australia.

He has been the key lead on many web projects in Australia and Internationally for websites and applications ranging from just a few pages to thousands of pages for brands such as News Ltd, Red Cross and Channel 10. Throughout his involvement in web design and development over 20 years he has seen the problems, frustrations, and dissatisfaction caused by the lack of planning.

He kept hearing clients and team members as well as other colleagues in the industry asking for a useful template and framework to produce useful plans for both sides of the process. After searching for a suitable system to use and not finding one he developed the Complete Guide to Website Planning to fill the void.

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