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Darryl King is the founder and CEO of Ireckon a Digital Agency that has been building high-performing websites and applications since the mid-1990s in Brisbane, Australia.

He has been the key lead on many web projects in Australia and Internationally for websites and applications ranging from just a few pages to thousands of pages for brands such as News Ltd, Red Cross and Channel 10.

Throughout his involvement in web design and development over 20 years he has seen the problems, frustrations, and dissatisfaction caused by the lack of planning.

He kept hearing clients and team members as well as other colleagues in the industry asking for a useful template and framework to produce useful plans for both sides of the process. After searching for a suitable system to use and not finding one he developed the Complete Guide to Website Planning to fill the void.


Covers everything from start to finish. With the cloud resources it will never go out of date. Amazing. Just buy it, follow the process and there is no excuse not to have a professional and effective website. In fact get a few copies so everyone on your team is on the same page. This book will save you thousands on your first or refreshed website.
Monte HuebschAmazon Review
Having seen the mess that gets created when you let a "web designer" loose on a site without a proper understanding of the target customer, and the goals of the site, this planning guide is is a refreshing breath of fresh air. If you are a business owner, read it, print out the templates and have these discussions with your designers. Trust me, even if you do only a few things in this guide, your outcome will be 100% better than if you just choose your site based on the pretty colours. A great, accessible and practical guide that you can quickly use to get better results from your next website build. Get to it!
Ed PelgenAmazon Review
I am a freelancer and this is what i was looking for. Darryl has used his experience in laying out the problems faced by clients and freelancers and also given some templates and methods to follow before starting a new project. I am confident as following the steps covered in this book will help me improve on quality and help me deliver better outcomes. Highly recommended
Amrinder SinghAmazon Review


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