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I am guessing you didn’t download this sample wanting to fix how projects run at your work.

The thing that will stop all of the problems is teaching your boss/es how to detail what they need!


If on an average project you have to add in an extra ten things, and each thing takes you 30 minutes of time, that’s five hours of extra work that will delay your project.

That doesn’t sound much but it it’s five things which each take 3 days before they go to QA then that’s 15-20 days your project will be late. And of course you’ll her all about it from your boss, or the other executives, blaming your department for always being late, or not doing what they need.

So if you avoid crappy briefs at the start of the project you can stop being blamed for problems you didn’t create, keep your boss happy and along the way learn how to change the way your company work.

This book is only $7.99 USD (ebook version) or $15.99 USD (paperback).

That investment to save you all of that grief has to be worth it for you, right?

Building a website can be extremely challenging when you know nothing about web development or code. This book outlines and breaks it all down for you – step-by-step on how to plan, recruit and execute your next website launch. Darryl has written the book in easy to follow language coupled with great checklists and templates that you can print out.

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Jason mun


Did you know we now have a closed Facebook group for anyone that has purchased a copy of the book, if you need help with planning you can ask questions there and get direct help.

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