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Whether you work in a web design and development agency, are a marketing executive or business owner wanting to understand how to ensure your website performs, this book helps you create a complete plan.Answering the questions:

  • How to get the absolute best out of your business (or organization) website?
  • How to have more control over the result and how well it will work but not be the website builder?
  • Do you need to rebuild or build your first website and have no idea where to start?

Darryl King has created a comprehensive template and methodology to help create a standard way to understand what is needed from both sides of the web development process and how to present it.

Learn the steps on what should be in the plan, how to create the plan and how to choose what you need for your website.

Included are templates and examples on each of the steps.

What you need is a simple website planning method that walks you through planning, designing and building your next website!

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Ways It can Help you

Ways It can


Help you get accurate quotes and project timelines by providing detailed website scopes.


Save money on your project by avoiding miscommunication, overruns, and problems before you produce any code.


Free Templates to download and use to help build your plan.


A simple website planning method that walks you through planning, designing and building your next web site.


It won't teach you how to build websites as a designer, but it will help you get the right designer to create the site you want.

New Work

Gives Agencies and Developers a framework to charge their clients for scoping their web sites to help build better websites.

What others are saying

What others

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Invaluable advice, gleaned through years of experience. Would recommend this book for everyone - for those who are just starting out on their first website journey through to the experiences who need to fine tune, gain improvements and efficiency when putting their work into practice. This book will help you to achieve your goals.
Alan G. Amazon Review
Building a website can be extremely challenging when you know nothing about web development or code. This book outlines and breaks it all down for you - step-by-step on how to plan, recruit and execute your next website launch. Darryl has written the book in easy to follow language coupled with great checklists and templates that you can print out.
Jason Mun Amazon Review

I am a freelancer and this is what i was looking for. Darryl has used his experience in laying out the problems faced by clients and freelancers and also given some templates and methods to follow before starting a new project. I am confident as following the steps covered in this book will help me improve on quality and help me deliver better outcomes. Highly recommended.

Amrinder Singh Amazon Review

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