Plan to delight the users

This week I read a blog from Seth Godin called The minimum viable audience which resonated with me and the goals and audience section inside my Planning Guide.

He talks about focussing in on the smallest group that could sustain you in your work.  And if you could pick them who would you choose. If you only had them and had to delight them to keep them, what you do to improve your service or product?

When I am working with people to  create a plan on their new project, I always go on about the audience and the goals. Probably a bit too much but it’s important.

We extrapolate that out and try to make it more than just pieces of information in a document. When you know who it is you seek to serve, and what their problems are you can look in unique an interesting ways on how to be different.

Being different isn’t a design thing. It is NOT about finding some new gimmick that others are using to put on your site.

Different is about not just following what others are doing blindly because you think it is the correct thing to do.

We have a closed Facebook group for people who have purchased a copy of the Complete Website Planning Guide and most weeks I post videos about ways to tackle problems like this. We have an interesting community there and I’d love you to join in and discuss topics like this or your own.

Purchase either the ebook or printed version and it’s free to join (follow the link below).

In the meantime stand back and think about how you could delight the people who will be using the website you are working on, not your client, but their clients.

You will probably find you come up with some wacky ideas, which might work. You won’t know unless you raise them.

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