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Creating Engaging and Informative Website Content

What is website Content and why is it important? Website content includes everything you see on a website; the text, images, videos, and other media that convey information and engage visitors. It will set the tone for your company voice and brand and can persuade your audience to invest in your business. Engaging and informative […]

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The Importance and Benefits of Wireframes in the Website Design

What is a website wireframe? Are you curious to know what a website wireframe is and how it can revolutionise your web design process? Website planning plays a crucial role in the development process, ensuring a smooth and efficient execution of ideas. One important aspect of website planning is creating wireframes. Wireframes are skeletal outlines […]

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Learn how to draw a Website Sitemap for Planning your website

Introduction: What is a Website Sitemap? Have you ever wondered how websites are structured and organised? Well, that’s where a website sitemap comes into play. A website sitemap is a crucial tool used in the planning and development of a website. It acts as a blueprint that outlines the structure and hierarchy of all the […]

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Research is the Start of Any Good Website Plan and Brief. See Why

Before you start your website journey, there is one vital step you must take, and that is planning! Planning can help ensure that your website meets your goals and requirements, and help minimise the space for error. In this guide we will run through the importance of planning a website, user testing for websites, your […]

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What's the best time to plan your website?

When’s the best time to start your business website plan?

Having a website plan for your business is the most important way to guarantee your success. So when should you start the planning process? The answer is at the very beginning. That seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? At the beginning means: Before designers Before developers Before search engine optimizers Before any social or paid marketing […]

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Shouldn’t my designers be doing this?

The website planning process outlined in my book can appear that it’s an all or nothing approach to planning.  I indeed think the owners of the web property need to be heavily invested in the planning process and take the lead on a large portion of it.  That view comes from many years of watching […]

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Why wire framing is so important to the design process

In The Complete Website Planning Guide I outline what a wireframe is and the confusion that many people get, particularly on the client side, with wireframes. A wireframe isn’t a prototype or a design; typically it doesn’t use colour or images, and mostly will only use some actual content. When you see a drawing/image, which […]

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Plan to delight the users

This week I read a blog from Seth Godin called The minimum viable audience which resonated with me and the goals and audience section inside my Planning Guide. He talks about focussing in on the smallest group that could sustain you in your work.  And if you could pick them who would you choose. If […]

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The Danger Of Scoping After Contract Acceptance

Ideally creating a scope of works for a web project would be done before entering into a design and development contract for the work. For many clients they want a simplified process, choosing a developer and moving forward in the project. Agencies and developers often are happy to get work in this way and take […]

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What comes first, design or content?

It’s a question that comes up a lot. What comes first, the content or the design. Getting this right has a big impact on the success of your project and the planning stage of your website is the best time to address it. I discuss what I think is the correct way to handle this […]

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