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When Should I Commit to This Project?

As a freelancer, you will be well versed in work hustle. However, the whole entrepreneur “rise and grind” philosophy can leave you feeling exhausted, burnt out, and frustrated if you don’t know when to rest and when to work. Overcommitting is often the most common way freelancers end up working too late with not enough […]

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What Is the Best Tool to Use for This Website?

When you dive into a website design project, you can finally let your creativity and expertise shine. However, if you’re like most freelancers, eventually you are going to get stuck as you weigh the tool options for the project. Even worse, you might end up choosing a tool for the project that doesn’t give the […]

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Can I Fit This Into My Schedule?

As a freelancer, there is a culture of always being “on” and hustling to get that next job lined up. Unfortunately, this can quickly lead to overbooking yourself and running right to creative burnout. Overbooking can also lead to less time spent on the details, which can end up leaving some clients feeling disappointed or […]

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Is There a Way to Do Better Estimates or Quotes?

As a freelancer, you can’t just focus on one task of your business. You need to be able to do more than just expertly design a website; you must know how to consult with clients, give them excellent service, bill clients, and manage your time well. Perhaps most importantly, you need to know how to […]

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How Can I Avoid Scope Creep?

When a client calls to ask you to do one more quick edit to a design after they have already approved it, do you quickly answer ‘okay’? What about if a client calls and asks you to add three new features to a design that you weren’t prepared for? Completing one extra task after another […]

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I Didn’t Get Paid Because the Client Argued I Didn’t Deliver What They Wanted

You’ve spent countless hours building a website and putting the finishing touches on your design for your client. When you send out your invoice for services, you’re met with an email or phone call from the client saying they are withholding payment because the completed site doesn’t meet their expectations. It’s perhaps the worst-case scenario […]

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I Don’t Have Enough Information to Quote for This Job

It’s exciting to meet with new clients and have the opportunity to bid on a project. There’s something about the energy a new client brings that sparks creativity in most freelancers. However, what do you do when you sit down (or stand up) at your desk to prepare the quote and you realize you don’t […]

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How Do I Stop Losing Money on the Work I Do?

It’s a freelancer’s nightmare scenario: losing money on a job. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than you might think. As a freelancer, you have to learn hard lessons as you build your business. However, you shouldn’t have to continue losing money on jobs you work hard to get. Here’s how to make sure you are […]

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